Investing in a crypto in an easy way, for example: PI network

Jean Phi
3 min readJan 16, 2021


As a private trader for many years, I have always had a definite interest in cryptocurrencies.

There are two options at this level: Either mining (currency creation) as an individual with his computer. Either the purchase/sale of a crypto and/or the management of a portfolio by a third (platform type coinbase, kraken or other).

The first option being of a geek level, and without direct relationship with a person already familiar with blockchains or mining, seems unaffordable. The second solution, it looks simpler, but requires you to rely on an external platform. With sometimes in the news stories of wallets emptied of their coins or hackings directly on platforms.

In short, the world of crypto is attractive to an investor who wants to be interested in new technologies and wants to diversify his investments, but at the same time often finds unaffordable.

I will share my personal experience here. No incentive to anything, but just an open mind. A new generation of cryptos on sight (Pi network, Bee network…) they have put in place an ultra-simple and affordable mining system for all, using the mobile phone as a mining tool. Without running or using the mobile processor.

Simply by downloading an app, you can create your own currency by updating the app every 24 hours, a simple click is all it takes and your meter is running continuously. Clear and simple. Your wallet will be on your own phone and backed up by the network.

As a pioneer, as long as you participate in the launch of the crypto, the investment is zero dollar or other. Later it will not be the same. As the network stretches, the mining slows down. Pi network, which I started a few weeks ago, works in a simple way. we join the network by referral, and we can create our own mining team (a way to increase your PI counter), or simply mine on your own.

It is by no means a ponzi or pyramidal system since it only works in teams independent of each other.

A few weeks ago the network exceeded 10 million members worldwide. On the various chats in the app we see people chatting in all languages. Let’s be clear, Pi is starting (1 year and a half of existence) and today its value is zero, as bitcoin was 12 years ago. But with such a simple way to approach cryptos, the network expands dramatically, and what better way to give credibility to a currency than to have a network of tens of millions of people.

PI is only in its initial phase and the next steps will be portfolio validations with proof of identity to be provided for each (in order to protect themselves from cyber-crime), launch of an IP exchange platform for goods or services to give value to the crypto (beta platforms are already being tested), and finally valuation and acceptance by the main exchange platforms of cryptos.

I personally find the idea revolutionary (launched by Californian academics). What could be better today than to launch a crypto through a participatory network. It is a way for ordinary people to take part in the world of tomorrow. And who knows …. When you see today a single bitcoin reaching 40,000 dollars it becomes dizzying.

(Warning, you can’t buy PI, the only way to get it is through app installation and mining. The network only operates through a sponsorship system, if you are interested you can click on this link and use jpthai as an invitation code)



Jean Phi

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